How to Transfer Photos From Instagram To Flickr

Transfer Photos from Instagram to Flickr
News about how Instagram could sell users photos is buzzing around the web and that has put millions of Instagram users into thinking to move to a new photo sharing service. The most trusted and safe place to move photos to is Flickr, by Yahoo!. Flickr has been running since 2004 and in this time-frame, it has gathered a large user base who actively upload photos on the site. Let’s get to the point, if you are no longer interested in having your photos on Instagram and want to transfer them over to Flickr, here’s the best way you can do so.

I. Before You Begin:

1. You must have accounts with both–Instagram and Flickr–sites.
2. Make sure you’re logged-in to both of your accounts during the use of this procedure.

II. Transferring Photos from Instagram to Flickr:

1. Open FreeThePhotos website in your current web browser.
2. Once the site loads up, hit the Login with Instagram button.
3. You should be asked if you want to share your Instagram account with the site, permit it to do so.
4. Once done, you’ll be taken back to the FreeThePhotos site.
5. This time, hit the Login with Flickr button.
6. Follow the instructions displayed in your browser.
7. Once done, you’ll again be taken back to the homepage.
8. Checkmark the box labeled as Alert me once my migration finishes.
9. Enter your email address in the text field there and hit Free Your Photos button.
10. You’re done!


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