Who Owns facebook shareholders / Care sunt actionarii facebook ?

Facebook is the no.1 social networking site. Facebook is launched in February 2004.Facebook has more than 955 millions active users. Facebook has more than 40 shareholders but here mention the top 15.

1.Mark Zuckerberg
             Official Facebook account of Mark zuckerberg

2.Accel Partners 
           Official Facebook page of Accel Partners           

3.Dustin Moskovitz

         Official Facebook account of Dustin Moskovitz

4.Digital Sky Technologies

      Official Facebook page of Digital Sky Technologies

5.Eduardo Saverin

Official Facebook account of Eduardo Saverin

6.Sean Parker
    Official Facebook account of Sean Parker
7.Peter Thiel
    Official Facebook page of Peter Thiel     

8.Sheryl Sandberg
      Official Facebook account of Sheryl Sandberg  

Official Facebook page of Microsoft

10.Greylock Partners

11.Meritech Partners 

12.Elevation Partners

13.Jim Breyer

14.Goldman Sachs 

15.Chris Hughes


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