Install Joomla on your Windows computer using WAMP server

1. Installing WAMP server. Download and install latest version of Wamp server 2.0 . Then run (Left click on your wamp icon in the task bar and click Put online) it on your system.(Please exit skype if you have entered because skype & wamp server are using same port. You can run skype after wamp server shows online status).
2. Create a database. For install joomla on wamp server you must make a database at your WAMP server’s phpmyadmin [Left click on your wamp icon in the task bar and click on the phpmyadmin] interface.
joomla installation on wamp
Write down the database name, user name, and password as you will need these later.
a) Create a new MySQL database user:
Phpmyadmin -> Privileges-> Add new user->
localhost  joomla installation
Enter your desired username,select localhost, enter password, then check all privileges -> click on Go.
install joomla locally
b) Create a new Database for Joomla:
Localhost -> Databases-> Create new database -> Enter Database name –> Create.
joomla installation on localhost
c) Add MySQL database user into new Database:
Server: localhost -> Privileges -> Select username -> Click on Edit privileges ->
joomla localhost instal
Go to Database-specific privileges section on the new page -> Select your Database name from the user text field drop down -> The page will refresh, check the entered username and database name.
localhost joomla
Then Check all privileges -> Go. Close Phpmyadmin.
3. Download the latest zip version of Joomla  from joomla official site.
4. Extract joomla zip. Copy all extracted folders and files in to a new folder named joomla (or folder name) and paste joomla (or folder name) folder in to www directory [ Left click on your wamp icon and click on the www directory ] of the wamp server.
5. Open joomla folder in the WWW directory of the wamp and go to installation folder. Delete everything in the configuration.php-dist file and rename it in to configuration.php.
6. Go to Server: localhost [Left click on your wamp icon and click on the localhost] Within the projects section you will see your joomla folder and by just clicking on it this will bring up the joomla installation or by entering http://localhost/joomla/installation/index.php on your browser.
localhost joomla installation
7. Wamp server Joomla Installation final steps
a) Select your language (English) and then click next.
b) Pre-Installation check Joomla just leave as it is and click next .
c) License, just click next .
d) Database configuration,
localhost joomla instal
Select MySQL on Database Type.
Select localhost on Host Name.
The enter Username, Password and Database Name which you noted on step2.
Leave Table Prefix and Old database process as default.
e) FTP configuration, just leave as it is and click next.
f) Main configuration,
joomla installation on windows
Sitename : Your desired site name (can be any name that you want).
Admin email : Use your email id.
Admin Username : As you like ( usually admin )
Admin Password : Create an admin password ( please note down) for accessing your joomla backend and confirm it.
Click install sample data wait for sample data installation confirmation message.
Then click next.You have now successfully completed your installation.
8. Then you will get a message to remove PLEASE REMEMBER TO COMPLETELY
REMOVE THE INSTALLATION DIRECTORY. So remove installation folder from www directory of the wamp server.
joomla installation on wamp server
9. Now you can access your site frontend: http://localhost/joomla/
Backend: http://localhost/joomla/administrator/


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