Set a Song as the Alarm Clock Sound on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Song as alarm sound on iPhone
If you’re tired of the existing alarm clock sounds and ringtones, you can now select individual songs to be the alarm clock sound played by iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Here’s what you’ll need to do:
  • Open “Clock” app and tap on “Alarm”
  • Either hit the + button to add a new alarm, or tap “Edit” and pick an existing one
  • Tap “Sound” and scroll to the very top, then tap on “Pick a song”
  • Find the song you want in the iTunes music library and tap on it
  • Tap “Back” then tap “Save” to have the song as that alarms sound
You’ll probably have noticed that each time you tap a song it starts playing a preview of the song from the beginning, and that’s exactly how the song will play when the alarm goes off.
This is an easy way to set the mood for your wake up, and though it’s not necessarily as repetitive and annoying as some of the clock sounds, the entire song will play on repeat until you wake up and either hush the iPhone or turn the alarm off.
Before iOS 6 the iPad didn’t include a Clock app at all, so obviously this feature is only available to iOS 6 onward.


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