DWMColorMod: Free Utility for Windows 7 to Customize Aero Glass Appearance (customizeaza modifica aero glass)

Windows Vista and 7 come with Windows Aero theme which provides awesome glass like transparency effect in a program window. You get blur effect, reflection effect which make the whole window appearance very stylish.
By default Windows doesn't allow you to highly customize Aero glass appearance. Although you can enable/disable the Aero glass transparency or customize color intensity, hue, saturation and brightness using Desktop Personalization window but there are many other things which you might want to customize like reflection intensity, color levels, etc.
Today we are going to share a free, small and portable tool "DWMColorMod" created by "SamusAranFreak" @ DA for Windows 7 users which allows you to customize almost everything related to Windows Aero interface.
This tool allows you to customize:
  • Color levels
  • Saturation
  • Brightness
  • Reflection intensity
  • Color intensity
  • Transparency
You get sliders to customize everything so it becomes very easy to change the stuff according to your requirements. Simply adjust the desired thing by moving the slider and it'll apply the effect immediately. If you don't like the effect, you can restore default settings by clicking on "Revert changes" button. So its absolutely safe to use.
You can download it using following link:


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